When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Timing is important when it comes to dealing with a plumbing emergency. Every homeowner should have a reliable emergency plumber on his contact list so that he will not have a hard time locating one in case a plumbing catastrophe occurs. This is because when it comes to a plumbing emergency, every minute counts.  

When should a homeowner call for an emergency plumber.

Knowing when to call an emergency plumber is also crucial. While most plumbing emergencies are obvious when they occur, there are plumbing crises that occur such as toilet backups and busted pipes.

Sometimes, homeowners are away from home hence they could not call right away. There are times though that the emergency happens right before the homeowner’s eyes but he is not aware that what is happening in an emergency already. To find more plumber information you can visit this website. Remember if you have having an emergency it is always best to call a professional for help.

Residential Plumbing Emergencies

 A burst pipe is one of the most common plumbing emergencies that would send any homeowner calling for emergency plumbing help. It usually happens during the winter when pipes freeze. Calling a plumber right away is crucial as broken pipes can cause flooding, water damage, and even electrocution and other injuries. 

Another plumbing emergency that commonly happens in a residential property is a clogged drain. When drains get blocked, homeowners would call for a licensed plumber right away. This is especially true when the blocked drain occurs in the kitchen or the sink that is regularly used at home.

A clogged toilet is yet another common home plumbing emergency. It is crucial to ask for professional help when such a thing occurs since this could result in an unsanitary toilet backup that could flood and cause damage to the flooring. 

Backed up sewer system

Having a backed-up sewer system is like living a gross nightmare. Imagine raw sewage creeping back through drains and toilets? This is a plumbing catastrophe that needs emergency attention from a licensed plumber. Make sure to call one that could respond right away within the hour or less to mitigate the damage that could occur.  You can find a good plumber on Smartguy or I am black business, both are very reputable websites.

Water heater problems

Significant water heater problems also merit a call to a professional plumber. Not having hot water or having a leaky water tank should prompt any homeowner to call a plumbing contractor right away. Apart from the inconvenience of not having a hot water supply, prompt action will help prevent the current water heater issue from worsening.